Recent releases to check out

I’m so far behind with posting about music that has been sent in for inclusion on the show, that I’m sure I’ll never catch up. However, here is the first attempt at giving you an idea of what quality releases have recently come to my attention.

The Tanked / Tuck & Roll – Two Short of a Six Pack (split 7″) – The Tanked is a band that cheer-leads “The Drinking Lifestyle”. Having seen them live a number of times I can say that the two songs here do a good job of representing there raw punk rock sound and humorous lyrics, especially “Bottle Fight”. This release was actually my first introduction to Tuck & Roll. Judging from their two tracks, I look forward to hearing more from them like their song “Another Dive Bar Night”. Limited to 200 copies. Buy from The Tanked or from Amazon or preview it on Spotify

The Suicide Notes – Hey Baby (7″) & Suicide Note (7″) – With three female vocalist in this band it might make you think that you’re in store for something in a Ronnettes style. However, this band was formed by Ray Cathode formerly of the Epoxies, and like his previous band the focus is a bit heavier on pop-punk, as you can hear in “Wolf Couple” Over all it’s a great sound and word is they put on a fine live show too. Both singles are available from Hovercraft or you can get it digitally from Bandcamp.

Continental – All A Man Can Do (LP/CD) – This is the first full length release from Rick Barton (ex-Dropkick Murphys) and his new band, and it’s one of the finest albums of the year. In fact the track “Into View” may be my favorite song of this summer. A great mix of street punk and straight up rock & roll. The band is currently making their way across the U.S. but it appears that their stop in Portland was cancelled (BOOOO!). Buy it from East Grand Records or Amazon

  • Noland

    Thanks for the mention, man! You haven’t seen Tuck N Roll yet? That seems odd, given the # of times I have here in PDX…

    • MonkeyBeat

      If I have seen Tuck & Roll it is missing from my memory bank.
      So many shows, so little brain cells.